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Register Today!February 3-5, 2017


All dancers will be placed by age ( Mini, Junior,  Teen, Senior, Advance/Pro )
Within the age category they will be divided by level ( Beginner , Intermediate , Advance and Pro )
* Beginner: Take 2-3 hours of class per week
* Intermediate: Take 4 – 5 hours of class per week
* Advance: Takes 5 + hours of class per week
* Pro: College level or adults
* Teacher can have the decision to have dancer compete on a higher level, but not lower
Age: Mini Solo
Category: Jazz Solo
Level: Beginner
* They would only compete against dancers on that level
Age: Teen
Category: Contemporary
Level: Advance


Minis Age 6-8
Juniors Age 9-12
Teens Age 13-15
Seniors Age 16-18
Pre-Professional Age 18-up