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our last blog we talked all about what you can win from taking part in our 2017 dance competition. There’s money, scholarships, and being seen by an agent. But that’s our national dance competition…what are you getting out of being at our dance convention in 2017?

Meeting Those Who Share Your Love Of Dance

While many of those attending our 2017 dance convention will be coming from large cities like New York or Los Angeles, there will be just as many who are attending from small towns around the country. For those who have a love of dance and come from a small town, dance conventions such as DANZEOFF are one of the few times that they can meet hundreds of others who share their love of dance, whether it’s hip hop, musical, tap, ballet, or many others.

Learning From Masters

One of the most important parts of our dance conventions is to learn from those who have had professional careers, both as dancers and as instructors. These teachers include Hinton Battle, Chloe Arnold, Ashley Lindsey, Debbie Allen, Savion Glover, and Danielle Polanco. (Please keep checking back, because the lineup of instructors is subject to change.)

Get Excited!

If you’re excited for dance now, you’re going to be more excited about it afterward! You’ll be inspired by others, inspired by teachers, inspired by those you see in the dance dance convention 1competition…and you’ll be so excited to try new moves and techniques when you get back to your own studio!

Whether you take part in the competition or not, there’s still so much you’ll come away from after our 2017 Dance Convention in Washington, D.C. on February 3-5, 2017! Find out more about it right here.