It is the responsibility of the directors, choreographers, dancers, and studio owners to adhere to all rules, regulations, and guidelines of Hinton Battle’s DANZEOFF.

Please distribute a copy to all directors, choreographers, and teachers.
In order to participate in the DANZEOFF event, all participants MUST follow the Rule Guidelines of DANZEOFF.

Cancellation Policies


If your dance team school or individual needs to cancel their participation at an event please contact us IMMEDIATELY at or (202) 248-5009.

  • Teams and Individuals must cancel 90 days (November 3, 2016) before the event in order to be eligible for full refund.
  • 22 days before event you are only eligible to TRANSFER your fees to another DANZEOff event. January 14, 2017 is the last day to have your fees applied to another DANZEOFF event.
  • 21 days before the event there are NO REFUNDS. Beginning January 13, 2017 there are no refunds or cancellations.

Weather Cancellation Policies

If the facility is open the competition will take place. DANZEOFF reserves the right to postpone an event for any reason. If the facility is closed the competition will be rescheduled.


Changes & Schedule Policies

  • All corrections or changes must be submitted by the deadlines or the organization will be subject to an administrative change fee as noted below.
  • Teams changing their division the day of the event will be charged the latest deadline change.
  • Judges have the right to change a participant’s division and category the day of the event.

Fee After Deadline

$100.00 (all other categories)

  • All registrations for the DANCE COMPETITION must be paid by December 1, 2016 to avoid the late fee of $100.

Proof of Identity

Directors, choreographers, dancers, parents and/or coaches must provide an official legal document that legally verifies and certifies the correct name and age of the team member.

Acceptable forms of identification include: birth certificate, passport, or a valid state-issued driver’s license.


Music Formats and Accepted Due Date Accepted

  • The Music Supervisor will not pause and/or stop your music until the entire routine is completed.
  • DANZEOFF will not be responsible for the loss of a CD, iPod, or MP3 Player.
  • In the event an emergency please have a CD copy. Please label clearly with a permanent marker with the information requested below.
  • If you are unable to submit via internet, please turned in a CD at registration to the DJ on site the morning prior to the dance competition.
  • CDs must be clean and of good quality.
  • DANZEOFF will not be responsible for improper playback of music resulting from CDs brought to the competition in poor condition.
  • There must be only one routine (as a single track) per CD and it must be properly edited to the beginning of dance routine.
  • All music must be recorded at the proper speed. Speed control WILL NOT be adjusted.

Please label your media clearly with the following information:

  • Studio Name
  • Team Name
  • Entry Number
  • Routine Name
  • Length of Routine

Music / Time Limits

Timing begins with the first movement, or note of music, whichever comes first. Any organized  chants or  spell-outs will automatically start the clock.

  • Solo – 2 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Duo – 3 minutes
  • Line Group – 3 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Small Group – 3 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Large Groups – 4 minutes
  • Production – 8 minutes
  • Step – 8 minutes


Appropriate Music & Lyrics

Music and Lyrics must be suitable for family entertainment. Removing improper language or words from a song and replacing with sound effects or other words may constitute ‘inappropriate’ for family entertainment. Please contact us with any questions.

Routine Interruption

If your routine is interrupted by our equipment failure, the failure of your CD, or from DANZEOFF staff, your team can start from the beginning of the routine.


Stop of Routine

Individual that may stop a routine are: a DANZEOFF Competition Official, Dance  Teams Director, Choreographer, Injured Individual, Dancer, and/or Coach.


Dancer Returns to Competition

An injured Participant may not return to competition unless clearance is received by an Event Medical Personnel, Parent/Guardian or Teacher.

  • In the unfortunate event of a head injury, participant CANNOT return to perform without clearance from a licensed medical professional. If an injury occurs during warm-up, DANZEOFF will do its best to work your team back into the schedule.


Arrival Time & Late Arrival

  • Teams member must arrive 2 hours prior to their performance time.
  • If a team member arrives 15 minutes late for their assigned warm-up or performance, team can compete on schedule with no penalty.


Cover Up Guidelines

Dancers must wear a t-shirt or other suitable coverup over their uniforms unless they are in the warm‐up area, traveling as a group directly to or from the warm-up area, or on the performance stage.


Appropriate Choreography

All facets of a performance/routine choreography must be appropriate and suitable for family viewing.



DANZEOFF believes that sportsmanship is one of the most important aspects of dance teams. We strive to keep a positive, friendly, enjoyable, and dance competition and dance convention. Use of profanity and taunting are considered unsportsmanlike behavior. Any display of unsportsmanlike behavior by a director, choreographer, dancer, coach, and/or parent will be asked to leave and escorted from the competition area by security.


Awards Range

(These numbers will change based on the number of Judges. The numbers below reflect three judges on the panel )

  • If we have four judges on the panel this could an option for scoring as well.
  • All entries are adjudicated by three judges. The lowest score is always dropped and the remaining scores are tallied.
  • Platinum 280-300
  • High Gold 269- 279.9
  • Gold 258 – 268.9
  • Sliver 240- 257.9

*Each judge giving a possible total of 100 points. With our scoring system there is a possibility of multiple Platinums, High Golds, Golds, and Sliver awards.


Judging based on:

  • Technique 0.00 – 20 points ( using a decimal will keep from having ties )
  • Showmanship 0 – 20 points
  • Choreography 0- 20 points
  • Execution 0 – 20 points
  • Overall Performance 0 – 20 points


Overall High Score

  • Given in each age division and performance category.



  • Top 5 solos
  • Top 5 Groups
  • Top 3 Small Groups
  • Top 3 Large Groups


Each age has their own set of high scores

  • Ages (7-10), (11-12), (13-15), and (16-18)


*One Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior entry will be selected to receive the Judges Choice Award. This is based totally on what the judges like the best.


Additional Awards – Based on the discretion of the judges.

  • Choreography Award
  • Costume Award
  • Backstage Good Sportsmanship


Legality Questions

If you need clarification or have questions regarding the DANZEOFF Guidelines please contact us and include phone number(s), and email address, Director, Choreographer, Coach, and /or Parent Name and Division.

Judges are independent contractors and not employees of DANZEOFF nor do they hold any permanent affiliations or loyalties to DANZEOFF.




1440 G. Street NW
Washington DC 20005

Scores will sometimes vary slightly between each event, but our judges are reminded to retain objectivity. Moreover, safety violations are infractions based on the rules and guidelines set forth by DANZEOFF.

When a skill is performed illegally at a DANZEOFF event, that team will receive a deduction. Our philosophy is to deduct for these infractions because they violate safety issues and concerns laid out by DANZE OFF.

Competition Format:

Show schedule will be available online one week prior to DANZEOFF COMPETITION.



The safety of the competition dancers is paramount. A Backstage Manager and First Aid Kit will be at all DANZEOFF dance competition.