Teachers’ Workshops & “Coffee, Tea & Me”

High-quality master classes for teachers to learn from the best.
Subjects will revolve around Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Tap.

“Coffee, Tea & Me”

A panel discussion with Hinton Battle, Debbie Allen, University Scholarship Presenters and DANZEOFF Master Teacher.
Teachers will be able to hone their skills, ask questions, and learn what a career in dance performance can offer their students. Find out how to improve your dance instructors skills from some of the best teachers in the country!

Observation Fee $40.00/$45.00 at the door (Teachers not registered with a studio)
Teachers Fee $300

What you receive when you register & paid for 10 students or more.
ONE FREE TEACHER PASS for every 10 paid dancers.
For example:
10 paid dancers = 1 free teacher
20 paid dancers = 2 free teachers
30 paid dancers = 3 free teachers